Vloer Commercial Flooring Systems is the Source
for Commercial Floor Matting

Carpet Tiles
Carpet Tiles offer versatility, high performance and a range of design options. Add style to common areas and create distinctive floorcovering solutions. Carpet tiles are great for areas where raised access flooring is installed.

Roll Goods
An effective entrance matting system or floor matting system protects internal floor finishes in commercial, retail and industrial business by removing the dirt, grit, grease and moisture brought into your premises. Reduce maintenance costs to keep your entry way clean, safe, and attractive.

Natures View Luxury Vinyl
Natures View recreates the beauty of natural wood with resilient flooring that offers the durability and performance required for high traffic commercial applications.

Custom Mats
Vloer Commercial Flooring Systems offers a line of diverse logo and custom matting solutions for your indoor or outdoor commercial applications. Increase brand recognition or retail sales with casual or elegant, large or small, high or low traffic, logo and custom mats.

Anti-Fatigue & Industrial Matting
Help reduce workers compensation claims, increase employee morale and production with Vloer Commercial Flooring Systems wide range of anti-fatigue and industrial matting. Ideally designed to provide unparalleled comfort with long-tern performance.

Grid Matting Systems
Vloer Commercial Flooring Systems offers grid products which reduce liability of slip and fall accidents at the entryway by containing more water, dirt and other contaminants beneath the surface. With exceptional scraping, wiping and containment in one system, your entryway will keep looking good for years with this Zone 2 defense product.

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